Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 Post

Media Literacy in the First Grade
Wow! It is so crazy that those students are that intelligent on the computer! I believe it is so important to get our children started early on becoming technological literate. I am a K-3 teacher and once a week, the three year old's in my class go to a computer class! They are already learning about the different parts of a computer and where the letters are on the keyboard! By the time they get to be in the first grade, I can see how they are able to be such an expert on the computer.

Little Kids Big Potential
When I think of my first grade year, I think of playing outside, coloring in coloring books and reading books. But these kids are surfing the web and posting blogs! They are improving their writing skills and communication skills! This is so encouraging to me as a future educator! I love to see children interacting with the technology of the real world! Awesome video!

1 year old uses i Phone
This baby was so adorable! He knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he did it. If he wanted to look at a picture, he just pulled it up! Babies and children are so curious about the technology now days that the older generation needs to inspire these kids to keep their interest. This little boy was only 1 and he could use an i Phone...this shows me that technology is so simple! It is only a matter of time before computer is a required course for pre-k...hehe:)

Podcast Assignments
I listened to several of the podcasts that were listed and some that I just wanted to explore for myself. I personally really enjoy watching the video podcasts better than the audio podcasts, only because I can focus better and I can get more into what I'm listening to. But, I listened to the podcasts anyway and I found some parts that I really enjoyed and other parts that I would have changed.
While I was listening to the first podcast, Smart Board Lessons, I was sort of confused when he started to order coffee and try to record at the same time. It was then that I realized that you can record a podcast whenever and however you would like to. I personally don't like how informal the setup of this podcast was. For mine, I would change it to be in a more private setting so the listeners can focus on the information being told.
On the other hand, KidCast was very, very cute! I really enjoyed listening to these kids being able to be heard. What a self-esteem booster to a child! If I was young and knew that I could do this, and felt like someone really cared about what I had to say, I would love to participate in this!
What I learned about podcasts by listening to the several that I did, was to make sure to know who your audience is going to be and making to podcast gain their attention. Adding music and different effects will help to gain the listeners attention. Also, being very clear in your words and pronunciation because you want your podcast to be enjoyable to listen to.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blogs! I liked when you talked about how things were when you were a kid like coloring and stuff. I like the technology, but i hope it does not take away the time that needs to be spent outside at home or in the classroom!

  2. It looks like you guys are off to a flying start with this course. After reading your posts, can see that John has you checking out some pretty powerfully stuff. As a classrom teacher I can say that technology has changed everything! It's a brilliant tool to engage kids. Who wants to make a poster if you can do a podcast instead?! I look forward to seeing what your group works on this semester. Yell out if there is anything you need.

    Jarrod Lamshed

  3. Devin,

    The way children are learning about technology these days we need to get on board as fast as we can! This class will expose you to so many new and exciting technologies that you can use for your future classes. We just have to embrace the change and move forward.