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It has been a very fun and interesting course this semester. I have enjoyed reading everyone's blogs and hope to continue hearing from you in the future. Good luck everyone!

Final Post

1. I have learned so much from this class that I would take with me as a future educator. Some of the things that I have learned would be how to create and listen to podcasts, how to use Google documents and forms, how to blog and talk with students and teachers around the world, how to use Delicious and Vocaroo, how to use iTunes for resources as a future teacher, and many more tools. I created a podcast with a fellow student and talked about different resources that teachers can look for on iTunes. Other podcasts can be heard through iTunes and they have very good messages in them. Using Google documents allows students to save work from documents, graphs, forms, excel sheets and so much more online. This way students will not be worried about their jump drive not working. I really enjoyed learning about the Google documents. I know how to blog before this class but thisclass really emphasized on commenting on other blogs. I never realized how important that was but this class really showed me how important it is to comment as well as blog. Because of blogging, I have had the chance to read what other people all over the world i learning. I really enjoyed this about the class also. All of the tools listed here are going to come with me as a future educator. I believe these tools will help my students to learn.

2. I have learned so much more than I thought I would have in this course. I believe there are many more tools out there for us to be learning but it will just take time. I think we have covered so much that there wouldn't have been time to learn anything else.

3. I believe all of the tools that were taught in this class were a benefit to myself. I don't think I will choose to forget anything that I learned. Hopefully, I will 1 remember everything that I have learned.

4. I was very excited when I first started using powerpoint in Google documents. I was very excited because it is so beneficial to be able to save my work to a site. Because I do not have Powerpoint on my computer, it is very hard to make presentations. But with Google documents, this is possible for me.

5. I think some of the projects were a little difficult at first to understand what to do. But once you read and do a run through of the directions, it is pretty easy to create whatever project you are working on. Creating the podcast was one of the most challenging for myself.

6. I was really busy the whole semester discovering new things that had to be covered and learned. For the most part I was never bored because the whole time was spent learning. I did however get tired of commenting so many times on different people's blogs.

7. No, I would not change anything about this course.

8. I have become a much more technological literate than I was before this course. I have learned about more tools that I can use as a future educator. I have always been good with computers but now I know how to use my computer and use other resources to teach with.

9. I will continue to explore the internet and different resources from now until the time I am teaching. I will continue to use some of these programs as a student and will just carry them with me as a future educator. I will also check and see what new things are being introduced and start learning how to master these programs also.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 15 Post

Welcome to my PLE
This video was very interesting to watch. I don't even think I could make one of those. It seems as if she is learning so much and be able to organize all of her projects very easily. She makes it look very easy and simple but I'm sure it took her alot of time and effort to put into it. I thought it was so neat that she even asked experts on her subject. She said she hasn't heard back yet, but other people in her class have. I think that just shows how much we have to respond in addition to posting. I cannot believe that her 7th grade science class is paperless! It seems that we are so far away from having technology incorporated in classrooms but I guess we aren't so far away after all.

Two Questions that Can Change Your Life

Whats my sentence? This question was very thought provoking. I believe teachers have a very strong sentence. Because of the impact teachers have on students, I strongly believe that teachers could have a paragraph! Sometimes a sentence cannot describe all of the contributions one has made to the world. I really don't know what my sentence would be.

Was I better today than yesterday? This is a very good question for everyone to ask themselves. If we are back sliding and not becoming better than we have a problem. Everyday needs to be looked at as a brand new day to learn more and to be more. This question is very motivating and I will consider this everyday that I wake up.


I had an interview with a Pre-School K3 teacher, Ms.Joyce Palmer on April 13, 2010. The following are some of the questions I asked her:

Q. "Ms.Joyce, what does being technological literate mean to you?"
A. "Being able to use the computer and other types of technology"

Q. "Are you able to use the computers in your classroom or any other classes you have taught?"
A. No. The daycares that I have worked at never have had a computer classroom. There is however a lady that comes in once a week and takes a group of the children with her and there she teaches them the basics of a computer."

Q. "If there was a computer class for you to take your children to, would you use it? And if so, what would you teach?"
A. "I cannot say that I would. I need someone to teach me how to use it!"

Q. "Do you think it is important for elementary teachers to be technological literate and incorporate the use of computers in the classroom?"
A. "I think it would be wonderful for children to learn how to use computers at school and in the classroom."

Ms.Joyce has been a teacher for the past 40 years. She is now 64 and is still working with children. Her favorite age group is the three and four year olds. I have had the privilege to work with her for the past year and she is such an inspiration to me. She doesn't know much about technology but is very open to new ideas in her classroom.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Substantive Presentation

Google Docs Form

14 Responses:

1. Where were you born?
Birmingham. Montgomery. Mobile. Birmingham. Mobile. Mobile. Illinois. Ft. Knox. Kentucky. Mobile. Mobile. mobile. mobile.

2. Gender?
Male 5 36%
Female 9 64%

3. Do you watch sports?
Yes 11 79%
No 1 7%
Sometimes 2 14%

4. Favorite college football team?
Alabama 8 57%
Auburn 4 29%
LSU 0 0%
Other 2 14%

Link to questionnaire is here.

Project 8

I am going to teach you how to use the Smartboard in your classroom in only 4 simple steps.

1. Turn on your computer and turn on the projector. Make sure all connections are secure. Your Smart Board will activate automatically. Log onto Windows using the keyboard. If all connections are secured and you have logged in properly, the ready light will turn to green, indicating that the Smart Board is ready for use. The ready light is located near the bottom-right portion of the board.

2. You must align or orient your Smart Board if you want it to work properly. The cursor will jump all around the board if you skip this important step. Orienting your keyboard allows your fingers to register accurately when you are utilizing the Smart Board's interactive functions. To begin orienting your Smart Board, hold down the Keyboard button and right-click the mouse at the same time. The Orientation Screen will appear. Touch the icon in the upper-left area of the computer screen, using your finger or a Smart Board pen. Press "Again" each time the icon appears.

3. Use your Smart Board pens to write notes on the Smart Board. Make sure a border appears after you pick up your pen. This means that the digital-ink layer is opened and ready for use. If you want to use a different color, simply pick up a different-colored pen. If you want to use the eraser, just pick that up as well. Make sure that you put each tool back in its appropriate spot before you pick up the next tool. (The Smart Board only recognizes the last tool you picked up from the tray, so to avoid confusion, simply put one tool back before picking up another.) To clear all of your notes at once, use the "Clear Writing" icon at the top of the Smart Board, which looks like a sheet of paper with a yellow sun in the right corner.

4. To capture your notes in order to save them, use the icon at the top that looks like a camera. If you want to only save a certain area of your notes, use the Area Capture button, which you will find on your Screen Capture toolbar. Use your finger to drag the selection box to the area you want to capture. Click the File button and then the Save button to save your notes.

Now you are ready to use your Smartboard! This is a great tool for teachers to use and student love it. There are also may interactive sites that are available for you to pull up on your Smartboard and students will surely be entertained!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 8 Post

The Last Lecture

This video was very inspirational as a future educator. I really enjoyed listening to his speech and will invest money on his book to gain more information from him.
To start off, he mentioned many skills that are useful in teaching, one being fundamentals. Fundamentals are useful for teaching; you must get the fundamentals or the fancy stuff won't work. Another tip was corrections; when somebody is doing wrong and nobody is correcting them, that means that they were given up on. Critics are good. A good quote was "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." The next skill is learning. Most of what we learn, we learn indirectly (or by "head fake". For example, do we really want our kids to learn football, or do we want them to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. That is the head fake - the skills learned behind the scene. Another skill is leadership; you don't have to be smart but you have to know how to lead. Then the concept of the brick wall, when you are stopped by something you keep trying if you really want something. Another skill mentioned was "don't get discouraged when somebody doesn't give you what you want." You should just give them some time, and they might surprise you or impress you and change their mind. The last skill is watch the way you say things. Instead of shutting something down and say that "I don't know"; you can say "I don't have enough information, let's hear more."
Then we have the question of how do we enable the dreams of others? This video showed a good point about how students can do better then you think. For example, when he taught that class for the first year, and the students blew him away with their projects. He didn't know what to do, so he went to his mentor and asked "what am I supposed to do, they are past what I have planned to teach?" You go into the class and tell the students "that was good, but I know you all can do better". He also mentioned that he should not just set the bar anywhere, because that can limit the child's ability. The bar can always go higher. Using videos and technology to teach people is very useful. You need to make people self-reflecting; make them push themselves.
These are lessons that show what helps you achieve these dreams. The first lesson is the role of parents, mentors, and students. They push you to achieve. The second lesson was that you must tell your students to have fun. The third lesson was to never lose the child-like wonder. The fourth lesson that you must help others. The fifth lesson was that loyalty is a two-way street. The sixth lesson was to never give up. The seventh lesson was how do we get people to help you. The ways to get people to help you are: you can't get there alone, tell the truth, be earnest, apologize when you screw up, focus on others and not yourself. The eighth lesson was to show gratitude. The ninth lesson was don't complain, just work harder. The tenth lesson was to be good at something; it just makes you valuable. The eleventh lesson was to find the best in everybody; no matter how long you have to wait for them to show it. The twelfth lesson was to be prepared: "luck" is where preparation meets opportunity.
This man has really shown me a lot of valuable information. I am sad that he is not around today. He was one amazing speaker. I now want to strive for my dreams more now, and I want to enable others to work for their dreams as well. If everybody tries, they will be able to accomplish anything. That is one thing I do not let my dancers say is can't, because you can do anything you put your mind to.

Comments for Teachers

For weeks 10, 11, and 12, I commented on Mr. Needleman's blog. I left a comment on his post about dealing with the children who cry. This is the video he posted:

This is my comment: Hi, my name is Devin Richards and I am a student at the University of South Alabama also. I really enjoyed reading this post about how to deal with the crying kids. I work in a pre-school where the children are very attached to the parents and are very sad when they leave. I have to deal with these children everyday and I can honestly say that if I didn’t approach the situation the way you discussed, my class would not be productive. I always try to address the child who is crying like you discussed. By telling them “its okay to feel sad when mommy leaves”, “she will be back after nap-time” usually works for them. Thank you for your insight and if you would like to view my blog you are more than welcome to:

Comments for Teachers

For weeks 7, 8, and 9, I followed Jen Deyenberg's blog about geography and many other areas. The one post that I found most interesting was the last post that she posted about geocaches. I found this particularly interesting because I have been geocaching before and knew exactly what she was talking about. Here is the comment that I left her:

Hi, my name is Devin Richards and I am a student at The University of South Alabama preparing to be an elementary educator. I enjoyed reading through your blog and this post stuck out to me the most. I actually took a geography class last year and we explored some geocaches. My professor hid the caches outside on a beautiful day and it made for a great class! I really enjoyed reading about your experience and was glad that I could relate a little bit.

If you would like to visit my blog you are more than welcome to.

Comments for Kids

Week 14

This week I had the privilege of commenting on a student's video about his feelings towards school camp this year.

Week 14 Post

Thoughts Towards EDM310
This course has been a very different course than the other classes I have been taking here at South. Being that classes don't meet often and the work has to be completed on your own time was something that challenged me. This is the one of the first semesters that EDM has been a hybrid course and I understand that everything is new for the teachers also. But, my main problem with this class was the lack of organization. I felt that assignments were constantly changing and most of the assignments could be combined into one. With all that negative stuff being said I have learned much information from this class that I will take with me as an educator. With the many projects we had, I encountered many interesting stories and people that I will continue to follow up on as an educator. I really enjoyed blogging and posting on comments for kids. I loved interacting with kids from all over the world and getting a perspective on the way teachers across the world were teaching. I really enjoyed this class and hopefully will continue to be a learner of technology even after I gain my degree!

Week 13 Post

The Zax
I feel that using technology in the classrooms is something that some teachers have a hard time adjusting to. Most teachers that are currently in the school system have been doing the same routine day in and day out and are very comfortable doing their lesson. Some teachers get out of their comfort zone when trying to deal with something they are unsure about-such as technology. But, the other teachers who choose to be the opposite of the Zax, are going to notice a difference in the students when they start using technology in the classrooms. Hopefully, when I become a teacher, I will be comfortable getting out of my comfort zone and venture off in something new and exciting for both myself and my students.\

PS22 Chorus

This video was so touching to me. First of all, I am a big Stevie Nicks fan and love that song! Second, those kids sang with such emotion! Their faces were showing how much they were emotionally connected with that song, it was beautiful. And the fact that Stevie saw that online and wanted them to come sing with her is amazing! What a great way to inspire the students to keep pursuing what they love to do. And posting on the web proves this point. When we post something on the web, it is mostly available for anyone to see, even the famous singers! By watching this video, I am really going to incorporate my student's talents in some type of video and post them online, who knows what could happen?

Google Earth Tour

I have selected some vacation Spots that I have visited throughout my life and created a tour using google earth.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13

For comments for kids this week I posted on Mohammed's post. He described himself using animals.

Comments for Kids

During week 10, I commented on St. Pius' School blog. The student Lavinia was expressing the emotion anxious through a photo and voice thread, very interesting!

There was no week 11 comments for kids assignment.

For Week 12, I commented on Danielle's picture of her bringing her bookbag to school everyday.


How I Have Used Skype

During this EDM course, I have been introduced to Skype. Before this class, I knew that I have Skype on my computer but I never paid it any attention. I have used Skype several times now. I have attended two class times where Morgan and Kathy Cassidy have called in and we've gotten to talk to them.

Week 12 Post

Mr. Chamberlain and Kaia
I thought this was so neat! I loved that Kaia's dad set up a blog for her. Even though she isn't old enough to read, she can still listen to threads and also look at the pictures! Its too neat to see that even a three year old can connect to people across the world! She was so cute when she was talking about her pictures! "And we took a picture of this, and we took a picture of that, and this this that!" She reminded me of my little boy when she said that. But anyway, the connections that Mr. Chamberlain's class made with Kaia and her dad are what I would want to see happen in my classroom as a future teacher. I know that my students would love to ask questions and hear the answers from someone who is right there! How amazing is it that we can see someone across the world on the computer? I know if I am amazed at this, my students will also be! I cannot wait to be an educator and teach children about connecting to people across the world through technology.

Week 11 Post

While watching the video and reading her blog post, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I agree! Education has become so much of a routine and not enough of an experience. Professors talk and talk for hours and all the students in the class are on facebook or drawing doodles on their notes. If technology is going to play a part in life, it should play a big part in the way we are learning. Since being in this edm class I have learned alot about different sites and resources that are available online. I do not however, think that the internet and computers should be used in every class and on every assignment. Some people might not have access as easily as others and some older people might have alot more trouble with using the technology. But, what Morgan said about the way we are learning now is very true. I really like her ideas and continue to read her blog to see what she has to say. I was in class when we skyped her and she was very intereting and had alot of neat things to share with us.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Comments for Kids

Comments for Kids Week 9
This week I commented on Jessica's class blog- She posted a video of her and her classmates doing dramas and performing plays and dancing.

I also added another PLN to my list:
I am a follower of Dr. Strange on Twitter

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Personal Learning Networks

My PLNs that I have so far are:

- I am on facebook
- I have an account on Twitter
- I have a subscription to EdTechTalk on iTunes
- I am a follower of Leigh Ankersen and Kristen Thrash on Blogger

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 7

Richard Miller: This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2

These videos were created to show how technology can be used today. He had some very interesting ideas and examples. It was also pretty cool that the information Dr. Miller was presenting was being exemplified through the presentation itself. He was speaking about movies and motion images while these things were on the screen. It gave the viewer a first-hand look at the information. Mr. Miller made an obvious point that most people don't want to hear, myself included. Print is soon to be out of the picture. Books and libraries are no longer a necessity. This upsets me because I love reading books. To me, reading a book is not just about reading the content. The physical book makes it so much better. Maybe I'm one of few who feels this way anymore, but I hope books don't go out of style until way after my lifetime. This also brings another thought to my mind. If books go out of style, and everything is published on the computer, won't that be extra strain on our eyes when we read? I know that if I read a book in poor lighting my eyes start to hurt after a period of time. If I have to read a lengthy article on the computer, my eyes will begin burning. How should I be expected to read an entire book on the computer? These books online are not a thing of the future. They are everywhere in today's world. My concern is that eventually, instead of just printing a copy and putting one on the computer, the printed copy will become extinct.
One thing I found pretty cool on Dr. Miller's video was the motion picture within the body of the text. Call me a dork, but the first thought that came to my mind was the newspaper in Harry Potter. Any picture within the newspaper was moving. There was no such thing as a still image shot. This could make the reading more interesting, and it would break it up a little by placing a video to watch between two paragraphs. Also, more information could be presented, and it provides two different learning styles with an activity. Some people gain more information by reading the material, but some gain more by hearing someone else say it. Both of these learning styles would be exemplified within this document.
I particularly liked the statement Dr. Miller made about ideas belonging to us as a culture, not to us as individuals. We need to unite and share our ideas if we want to progress. I also really liked the emotional profiling that was introduced in this video. It would be cool to find out what the predominant emotions were in each city. This technology could also be used for so much more. I'm not sure that I'm prepared to teach about technology this extensively; however, through this class, I am learning more about what I need to know. One issue with learning this technology is that the classroom I will most likely be teaching in will be lucky to even have a SmartBoard. The finances are just not that readily available at this point in time. Does that mean it's a waste of time trying to become tech-savvy? No, it may not be long before this technology is more available and widespread.

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler
This video talks about itunes U which lets you subscribe to podcast and other useful stuff. A students can subscribe to the best lectures in the world on itunes U.By building a PLN, a student gets many views of the subject that they are learning. This just goes back to the old saying, "two heads are better than one." You can learn more information from many different resources. You can blog your ideas on the subject and help other students as well.Although learning is becoming more independent, teachers are still needed. Teachers should should stay updated on new types of technology and help the students in acquiring a bigger PLN. Students should have the option of having a teacher there to help them along their learning experience.

Michael Wesch
I liked how Professor Welsh showed how people open up more through technology. I agree. In anything that I have done publicly through technology, whether Facebook or blogging, I am much more open about how I feel or think. I feel less self-conscious. When I write some of the things, though, I also want more attention, which is where the narcissism comes in. We want and expect people to look and pay attention to what we say when we write on Twitter, YouTube, or our blogs. I can see how people believe that the best way to be heard is to be in the media. Technology truly is getting to be a bigger part of our lives.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Comments for Kids

For week 4, for comments for kids, I posted on Mr. McGlung's class blog here. I commented on their blog about the science project that the children were doing.

For week 5 in comments for kids, I posted on Paul C's student class blog. He wrote a summary of a book that he had read titled Three Good Deeds by Vivian Vande Velde.

For week 6 in comments for kids, I posted on Kenny's blog,, about his answers to migration. I let him know a little information about myself and started a conversation with him.

For week 7 in comments for kids, I posted on a teacher's blog for her class here. The kids posted their first video that was about the music room in their school.

For week 8 in comments for kids, I posted on Crystal Pena's blog about her favorite food. If you would like to visit her blog click here.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 6 Post

Part of Dr. Alice Christie's website is dedicated to showing what technologies have been created, different websites to visit, and lingo to get caught up on. She explains things such as google earth, Wikipedia, and delicious. I think that this part of her website is very useful to me in this class because it has a lot of different information on it that I can use to learn about each one. I am not experienced with some of the things she has listed so I can learn about these things from her website.
While I am learning from the site, I can find some resources to use as a teacher. For example, the Digital Pencil website that I did not know about. This site has a good majority of information for young online learners. This will be useful in the classroom and as a teacher to look on to gain some new ideas and information. I also like that she has a list of tutorials to look through. These tutorials will help guide you through the steps of learning each area.

iTunes University
I didn't know about iTunes U until this assignment. But, I found out a lot about the application. It is suppose to be very useful to teachers and students. The program makes it very easy to access lectures, video footage and ect. You can access the footage anywhere and anytime. It is available on your iPhone, iPod, Mac, or PC. It is very easy to set up your own site and add footage and lectures, audio and video for anyone to see.
One of the positive things that I really like about sharing educational readings and information online is because it is easy to access and it can reach all over the world. I think it is really interesting to visit other countries sites and see what people all over the world are learning and creating. It has been really exciting in this course so far to learn about other students' learning and teaching approaches. ITunes University is a great way to keep this trend growing and getting knowledge shared over the internet.
I got all of my information through

iPods for Educational Purposes
I found this video while looking for information about this topic. It covers really interesting ideas and is very neat. After watching the video and looking up some information, I think that iPods are a good use for educational purposes in some times and some places. I wouldn't want my students to do everything on their iPod but, it would be very useful for certain projects and definitely something to teach the students how to use.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 4 Post

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

By watching this video, I learned different facts about podcasting that I didn't notice before. One of the things that I never realized was that the children born after 1980 are considered to be Millenial babies. This group has never lived without technology! They have used video games, telephones and computers their whole life!
There are many different reasons to include podcast projects in the classroom. To start off, podcasting makes children use higher level thinking skills in the Blooms Taxonomy and allows children to be creative. Using podcasts also opens childrens' minds up to their surroundings.
Another thing that I never realized is that if a child is out for a long period of time because of an illness, the child can access internet and be able to see the lectures and the assignments through the world wide web. I think this is so neat that we can use technology like this! Growing up I always saw movies of people having telephone conversations through video and now this is possible. And best of all it is a wonderful teaching tool for our children!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 3 Post

Media Literacy in the First Grade
Wow! It is so crazy that those students are that intelligent on the computer! I believe it is so important to get our children started early on becoming technological literate. I am a K-3 teacher and once a week, the three year old's in my class go to a computer class! They are already learning about the different parts of a computer and where the letters are on the keyboard! By the time they get to be in the first grade, I can see how they are able to be such an expert on the computer.

Little Kids Big Potential
When I think of my first grade year, I think of playing outside, coloring in coloring books and reading books. But these kids are surfing the web and posting blogs! They are improving their writing skills and communication skills! This is so encouraging to me as a future educator! I love to see children interacting with the technology of the real world! Awesome video!

1 year old uses i Phone
This baby was so adorable! He knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he did it. If he wanted to look at a picture, he just pulled it up! Babies and children are so curious about the technology now days that the older generation needs to inspire these kids to keep their interest. This little boy was only 1 and he could use an i Phone...this shows me that technology is so simple! It is only a matter of time before computer is a required course for pre-k...hehe:)

Podcast Assignments
I listened to several of the podcasts that were listed and some that I just wanted to explore for myself. I personally really enjoy watching the video podcasts better than the audio podcasts, only because I can focus better and I can get more into what I'm listening to. But, I listened to the podcasts anyway and I found some parts that I really enjoyed and other parts that I would have changed.
While I was listening to the first podcast, Smart Board Lessons, I was sort of confused when he started to order coffee and try to record at the same time. It was then that I realized that you can record a podcast whenever and however you would like to. I personally don't like how informal the setup of this podcast was. For mine, I would change it to be in a more private setting so the listeners can focus on the information being told.
On the other hand, KidCast was very, very cute! I really enjoyed listening to these kids being able to be heard. What a self-esteem booster to a child! If I was young and knew that I could do this, and felt like someone really cared about what I had to say, I would love to participate in this!
What I learned about podcasts by listening to the several that I did, was to make sure to know who your audience is going to be and making to podcast gain their attention. Adding music and different effects will help to gain the listeners attention. Also, being very clear in your words and pronunciation because you want your podcast to be enjoyable to listen to.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Second post

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
The video had some very good points. I like that it pointed out that only 18% of a girl's teachers knew her by name, and there were over 100 people in each class she had. This is not very surprising because now days colleges are trying to put more and more students into a room to gain some money instead of choosing a more one-on-one approach. I like when the professor knows your name and can recognize you outside of class. This makes asking questions much easier when you can actually talk to your professor as a mentor instead of a speaker that you listen to twice a week.
To make the video better, I think that some of the students should of elaborated on their fact that they were holding on to. I think this would have a stronger effect on the fact. For example, one of the last girls held up a sign that said "I did not create the problems, but they are my problems." I really didn't understand what she was talking about but I think it was referring to all the problems that the other students were holding up.

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines
I would have to agree with Kelly Hines about the different things that we, as future educators, need to be doing to be the best teachers as we can. The first thing she listed was the teachers also need to continue to be learners. I believe this is very important because if the teacher stops learning, what good is she to the students of the next generation? As time goes by, more and more knowledge is gained. Some knowledge will change, some will improve and some will prove to be insufficient. If the teachers learn what is going on in the present, they will have more of an impact on the students.
Another one of her points that I really enjoyed was that teaching and learning are not the same thing. We, as teachers, need to make it a point in our career to make the students learn what they need to know. If some child cannot learn like all the other students, then we may need to change the way the child interprets what we are saying. For example, a child may not understand the lesson by hearing it over and over; but, maybe if you sing the lesson to that particular child, it will click. I have heard of this working before and I think educators need to be aware of how to handle different learning styles.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
It is really astonishing how much the world wide web is growing so much daily! To see the rates of Youtube, twitter, and facebook growing in such an exponential rate! When I was growing up, I was basically learning how to get on the internet all by myself. I explored what all was offered over the computer all alone, when I was about 12. My parents were the learners and I was teaching them how to set up an e-mail account and how to log onto the computer. It is crazy to think that the children younger than me are still learning more than me. (Maybe I've lost my curiosity...or the time to explore?)
Anyway, I think that social networking sites are a great way for the community to know what is going on and keeping in touch. I also believe that social networks are a way for educators to reach out to their students. Since so many people have a facebook and check it as much as the Media Count says, it should be easy to keep an open line of communication to the students.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Week 1 Post

Did You Know? 3.0
When watching Did You Know 3.0, I was astonished by the statistics that were addressed. It is very surprising to me how technology has increased so much over the past decade. Also, its not just the United States that is growing technologically; other countries are also increasing in number and relying on technology. The video shows that it only took four years for the internet to reach 50 million people! That is very shocking to me, but it also makes plenty of sense.
According to the video, if Myspace became a country, it would be the 5th largest country in the world! In relation with the amount of people gaining access to the internet daily, more and more people are signing into social networks. The social networks provide information to be shared easily and faster. This way of communication will most likely increase more and more as the years go on.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
In the video, Mr. Winkle wakes, Mr. Winkle wakes up after being asleep for 100 years. He visits a business office, a hospital, and a school. He notices all the technological advanced equipment that the business office has. The phones are ringing, there are faxes that are being printed, and computers that everyone is using. He doesn't recognize any of the new machines. He then leaves and visits a hospital. He notices all the machines that are helping people live and many other hospital equipment. When Mr. Winkle visits the school, he sees that nothing in the school has changed. The children are still sitting in desks and listening to the teacher all day.
This video shows how all around us, there are many technological advancements, except in our schools. If our world is relying more and more on technology, then thats what needs to be taught in schools. Children cannot be thrown into a world that is relying on computers without being taught how to use one. This video has a very great message.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
This video is very inspriring to me as a future educator. I believe that every child has a different way of learning. Some children learn by doing and some learn by seeing and some learn by moving. Allowing children to learn from their creativity and build on it, is one thing I want to focus on as an educator. Like Robinson said, school doesn't focus enough on allowing children to be creative. I agree with the philosophy of giving a child a blank sheet of paper instead of a coloring book. Having a blank sheet allows the child to express what they are feeling and thinking.
There are so many standards that children are expected to reach in the school environment. I believe that sometimes just letting the children have a break from the normal lesson and having a time of creative movement, drawing, or thinking is important. I agree with Robinson when he said that children don't believe that their creativity is no good because it is not the same as anyone else's. I think so many children are scared to express themselves and as they grow older they loose the creativity that once was inside them.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
This video was very eye opening to what is happening in other schools. I love the way that Davis teaches her students to be independent and take situations in their own hands. She expects her students to look up any terms that they are unaware of and to find new ideas everyday. The way they students learn is by finding out for themselves. I believe that you will learn more when you are being taught this way.
The major thing that I really took out of this video is that by empowering her students to be independent, they are learning more information than she knows. She addresses that the children in her classroom actually teach her new information every once in awhile. For Davis to show the children other areas of the world and different children from across the world, is a way to show the children diversity among the world.