Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 12 Post

Mr. Chamberlain and Kaia
I thought this was so neat! I loved that Kaia's dad set up a blog for her. Even though she isn't old enough to read, she can still listen to threads and also look at the pictures! Its too neat to see that even a three year old can connect to people across the world! She was so cute when she was talking about her pictures! "And we took a picture of this, and we took a picture of that, and this this that!" She reminded me of my little boy when she said that. But anyway, the connections that Mr. Chamberlain's class made with Kaia and her dad are what I would want to see happen in my classroom as a future teacher. I know that my students would love to ask questions and hear the answers from someone who is right there! How amazing is it that we can see someone across the world on the computer? I know if I am amazed at this, my students will also be! I cannot wait to be an educator and teach children about connecting to people across the world through technology.


  1. I look forward to teaching because of the children. I want to be an inspirational teacher just like Kaia's father.

  2. I just wanted to say that this is such a good post. This is a wonderful story about how good it is to using technology. Keep up the good work!