Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 11 Post

While watching the video and reading her blog post, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I agree! Education has become so much of a routine and not enough of an experience. Professors talk and talk for hours and all the students in the class are on facebook or drawing doodles on their notes. If technology is going to play a part in life, it should play a big part in the way we are learning. Since being in this edm class I have learned alot about different sites and resources that are available online. I do not however, think that the internet and computers should be used in every class and on every assignment. Some people might not have access as easily as others and some older people might have alot more trouble with using the technology. But, what Morgan said about the way we are learning now is very true. I really like her ideas and continue to read her blog to see what she has to say. I was in class when we skyped her and she was very intereting and had alot of neat things to share with us.


  1. I couldn't agree more with your opinion; technology is a crutch that we can lean on to help support what we do...much the same as music, movement,and other things help change things up and appeal to a broader range of students.
    I think the greatest aspect about technology is that we can find out things instantly and verify them...that is worth its weight in gold. However the teacher that uses technology in the class to illustrate everything misses the is only meant to enhance not replace the goal of the day.

  2. Great Post! I also also believe that technology can help alot of people. I also believe that technology is nothing unless people know how to use it in a actual productive way.