Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 14 Post

Thoughts Towards EDM310
This course has been a very different course than the other classes I have been taking here at South. Being that classes don't meet often and the work has to be completed on your own time was something that challenged me. This is the one of the first semesters that EDM has been a hybrid course and I understand that everything is new for the teachers also. But, my main problem with this class was the lack of organization. I felt that assignments were constantly changing and most of the assignments could be combined into one. With all that negative stuff being said I have learned much information from this class that I will take with me as an educator. With the many projects we had, I encountered many interesting stories and people that I will continue to follow up on as an educator. I really enjoyed blogging and posting on comments for kids. I loved interacting with kids from all over the world and getting a perspective on the way teachers across the world were teaching. I really enjoyed this class and hopefully will continue to be a learner of technology even after I gain my degree!

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