Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 6 Post

Part of Dr. Alice Christie's website is dedicated to showing what technologies have been created, different websites to visit, and lingo to get caught up on. She explains things such as google earth, Wikipedia, and delicious. I think that this part of her website is very useful to me in this class because it has a lot of different information on it that I can use to learn about each one. I am not experienced with some of the things she has listed so I can learn about these things from her website.
While I am learning from the site, I can find some resources to use as a teacher. For example, the Digital Pencil website that I did not know about. This site has a good majority of information for young online learners. This will be useful in the classroom and as a teacher to look on to gain some new ideas and information. I also like that she has a list of tutorials to look through. These tutorials will help guide you through the steps of learning each area.

iTunes University
I didn't know about iTunes U until this assignment. But, I found out a lot about the application. It is suppose to be very useful to teachers and students. The program makes it very easy to access lectures, video footage and ect. You can access the footage anywhere and anytime. It is available on your iPhone, iPod, Mac, or PC. It is very easy to set up your own site and add footage and lectures, audio and video for anyone to see.
One of the positive things that I really like about sharing educational readings and information online is because it is easy to access and it can reach all over the world. I think it is really interesting to visit other countries sites and see what people all over the world are learning and creating. It has been really exciting in this course so far to learn about other students' learning and teaching approaches. ITunes University is a great way to keep this trend growing and getting knowledge shared over the internet.
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iPods for Educational Purposes
I found this video while looking for information about this topic. It covers really interesting ideas and is very neat. After watching the video and looking up some information, I think that iPods are a good use for educational purposes in some times and some places. I wouldn't want my students to do everything on their iPod but, it would be very useful for certain projects and definitely something to teach the students how to use.

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  1. I agree with you on the post about iPods being used for education. I mean I have my iPod on me where ever I go and I have never even thought about using it for school or learning in any way!