Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 15 Post

Welcome to my PLE
This video was very interesting to watch. I don't even think I could make one of those. It seems as if she is learning so much and be able to organize all of her projects very easily. She makes it look very easy and simple but I'm sure it took her alot of time and effort to put into it. I thought it was so neat that she even asked experts on her subject. She said she hasn't heard back yet, but other people in her class have. I think that just shows how much we have to respond in addition to posting. I cannot believe that her 7th grade science class is paperless! It seems that we are so far away from having technology incorporated in classrooms but I guess we aren't so far away after all.

Two Questions that Can Change Your Life

Whats my sentence? This question was very thought provoking. I believe teachers have a very strong sentence. Because of the impact teachers have on students, I strongly believe that teachers could have a paragraph! Sometimes a sentence cannot describe all of the contributions one has made to the world. I really don't know what my sentence would be.

Was I better today than yesterday? This is a very good question for everyone to ask themselves. If we are back sliding and not becoming better than we have a problem. Everyday needs to be looked at as a brand new day to learn more and to be more. This question is very motivating and I will consider this everyday that I wake up.

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